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Ecommerce has literally revolutionised the way consumers purchase their favourite products. From requesting the shopkeeper to hold the final product due to lack of money, to wish list our favourite product- we all have grown up! Ecommerce websites have made virtual shopping a real fun experience. One can buy almost anything and everything under the sun from these online websites– medicines, grocery, clothing, software, cosmetics, etc.

But have you ever thought about why would your target audience choose your e-commerce website when there are hundreds of websites selling the same products? This is when product description steps in.

Product descriptions are basically a basic explanation of the products you are selling on your e-commerce platform. How to use it, the various usages of the product, how to keep it long-lasting, and its intricate features– all these come under product descriptions. However, no one likes to read long paragraphs under products and they simply scroll down to save time. In this case, the product descriptions totally get wasted. Neither are they adding value to your target audience, nor are they helping enhance your sales.

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Quality Product Descriptions = Boosted Sales

Writing product descriptions is not simple. It requires extensive research. One cannot simply look at the picture of a product and write down random paragraphs. If that’s what your content writer has been doing till now, now you know why he is unable to bring you the desired results.

We have a team of dedicated and knowledgeable content writers who specialise in writing attractive product descriptions, and have been doing so for several years now. They specialise in writing crisp, engaging and descriptive explanations for different types of products. So, if you want your target clients to undertake desired actions while browsing through your e-commerce website, then hire our product description writing services today!


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Our USPs

We have catered to the product description requirements of our esteemed clients who belong to diverse industries. The reason behind the popularity of our product descriptions is:

Research and development

As mentioned earlier, writing descriptions require in-depth research work. For example, when a client approaches us for writing product descriptions, we request them to give us a complete audit of their products. Our work process involves using and checking those products in real life to get a complete understanding. From size to colour, texture to finish, our writers take care of all the aspects. And because of this intense research work, our writers come up with brilliant descriptions that actually bring value to both the target audience and our clients.

Persuasive copy

Another factor that has kept us ahead of the race is the ability of our writers to compose persuasive copies. Each of them understand consumer behaviour and has deep knowledge of market trends. They know apt usage of vocabulary and thus compel the consumers to take the desired action. The persuasive tonality of the product descriptions increase the clients’ sales.

Search engine optimised descriptions

Each of the descriptions we write is optimised as per search engine algorithms. So, whenever your target audience searches for a product, such as a hairdryer, your product description pops up at the top.

Feasible charges

Price does matter when it comes to hiring a content writing agency for product descriptions. However, you need not fret about your budget as we have kept the charges low and feasible. Besides, you can avail discounts on buying our value-for-money packages.

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