To get your lead on board with your online business, you need content marketing.

In 1996, John F. Oppedahl introduced the term “content marketing”, but little did he know that content marketing would grow tremendously in the following decades.

Especially with the advancement of technology and the digital age, content marketing has grown as a top strategy to attract, influence, communicate and retain the potential customer via blogs, graphics, podcasts or articles etc. Content Marketing is a wide umbrella with different approaches to promote brand awareness.

The following are the top 10 content marketing trends that will rule 2022!

1. Understanding the importance of a niche-

With so many companies posting similar content, it is becoming highly popular to choose a niche regarding their services and products. For example- instead of brands marketing a certain product, they market it as how the defined target audience can benefit from it. This even helps in letting employees write based on their strengths.

2. Influencer Marketing-

Influencers are a big yes in today’s time. People would rather trust their influencing figure faster over other marketing strategies that a company follows. Therefore, companies are turning social with influencers to turn leads into customers.

3. Live Videos and Stories-

People love being a part of something ongoing, whether it is a live talk, ongoing sale, or live show. Especially with the chance of improvisation, companies use this technique to lure people into their brand by involving them on an engaging platform.

4. Keywords-

Keywords are especially necessary not just for better SEO optimization but also because of the growth of voice searches. Companies that incorporate simple and everyday spoken long-tail keywords in their content have a greater chance of people reaching out to them. They can be included either in the form of sentences or questions.

5. Podcast making-

Podcasts are like the underdogs of content marketing. Although people believe that no one listens to them, in reality, podcast listeners have tripled over the past years. The music and TV show genre are avid makers of podcasts. Companies choosing podcasts can relay information about their brand with soothing voices, banter and wit.

6. Chatbot interaction-

Companies have been using chatbots to handle 24/7 conversations with customers who have doubts. In the future, with greater technology of AI, chatbots will be using NLP tools (natural language processing) to have a better conversation with people. Working on a script, Chatbots save time and effort that can be used elsewhere.

7. Diversity in content-

Content, whether in its style, form or genre, if repeated, will cause your audience to get bored. Companies, therefore, choose various ways through which they can promote their services. Diversity in content sets new trends and entertains audiences greatly by videos, graphics, stories, reels, or podcasts.

8. Video Marketing-

Video Marketing is not a new trend in content marketing, but today’s consumers prefer videos over written forms of content. Video making is a crucial feature followed by almost every company now, big or small, to provide information to their audience in an entertaining way.

9. Gamified Content-

People love the idea of perks and rewards, especially as adults in games. Gamified content is great to lure people into using your services by entertaining them in small ways. They are like an incentive that companies use to market themselves.

10. Blogging and eBooks-

Videos and graphics are way cooler, but nothing beats the power of words. Words can provide emotions and information to people that they wish to know directly. Writing in exceptional blogs or eBooks is growing popularly to build a community.


Change in people’s interests and the pandemic has caused the drive towards content marketing, creating trending strategies concerning the audience. You can check out the above mentioned top 10 content marketing strategies that will rule in 2022, to help you grow digitally!

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