If you’re a freelance writer, probably you’re in it for the chance to get paid to write about anything your heart desires.

And although that’s possible, it’s not always the easiest way to go.

One of the best ways to land new clients is by specialising in a particular niche. As you build up your experience and portfolio writing within a niche, you can become known as an expert or authority in that area. This will help attract more clients and allow you to raise your rates.

Here are Five Popular Niches Where Freelance Writers Can Make a Great Living:

A good starting point for identifying possible niches you could explore is looking at your interests and passions. These are the subjects you are most likely to have some knowledge in and some experience in.

The more experience you have in a particular subject, the easier it will be for you to begin writing about it.


Blockchain technology has been gaining traction in the last year. More and more businesses are implementing it, and this trend is set to continue. The benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrencies make them appealing to consumers and businesses alike. You’ll need some time to learn these topics, but you should be able to find work once you do.

IoT (Internet of Things)

An increasing number of devices are being connected to the Internet, and this trend is known as IoT (Internet of Things). The concept might sound confusing at first, but it’s not that difficult to understand once you break it down into smaller parts. Companies that create products for the IoT niche will most likely need content creators who can help them promote their products on various platforms (blogs, social media networks etc.).

SEO Writing

Search engine optimisation involves getting high rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). This requires knowing exactly which keywords your target audience is searching for and incorporating those keywords into the content on your site so that Google will recognise it as relevant and rank it highly. However, SEO writing isn’t just about including keywords; it’s also about creating quality content that provides.


Copywriters help companies sell their products or services with persuasive copy designed to persuade readers and influence them to take action – like buying a product or signing up for an email newsletter. Copywriters who can write both short and long-form sales letters will be in demand.


Journalists and reporters produce news stories for TV shows, newspapers, magazines, radio stations or websites. If you enjoy doing research and interviewing people, this may be your area!

To Sum-Up

So think about what topics you enjoy learning about and which ones you tend to talk about with others or spend time online researching, and just go for it.

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