Disposable pads, no doubt, are an easier choice. This has emerged as an alternative to older times’ cloth liners. The history and popularity of disposable pads go back to 1888. Although disposable pads have proved its worth, most of us know that it also is not very hygienic.

Disposable pads, along with being unhygienic, are also causing a threat to skin. Because of the materials used to make disposable pads, like plastic, it blocks the airflow of the vagina. This can also result in the production of irritating rashes.

For many other reasons, the effect on the environment is one of them, disposable pads are not a healthy trend anymore. This is where reusable pads enter the picture. Here are 5 reasons reusable pads are always a better and healthier alternative.

  1. Safe to Use

As mentioned already, reusable sanitary pads are always a healthy option. Not only a combination of plastics and cotton fibres are used for the production of disposable pads, but these materials are also bleached with chlorine dioxide, creating harmful byproducts.

  1. Cost-effective

The best reusable sanitary pads last you for a long time, even for years. The best reusable sanitary pads are durable and are a onetime investment. While a disposable pad that lasts for a few hours needs to be bought every single month, reusable pads might prove economical to the ladies belonging to poor areas.

  1. Responsibility Towards The Environment

The discarded pads make a tremendous impact on the environment itself. Plastics take hundreds of years to dispose of. Your choice to use reusable sanitary pads instead of disposable pads will positively affect the nature and environment around you. In North America alone, they discard a whopping 20 billion pads and tampons on the environment.

  1. Reduces Skin Infection And Other Menstrual-Related Issues

We often relate menstrual cramps to disposable pads. Considering using reusable pads has shown to reduce those menstrual pains to a great extent. Disposable pads are also a reason that produces infection in your vagina, mostly because some people wear the same pad for over 3-4 hours.


Non -disposable liners are not new. These have been used forever, only for a time we have used disposable ones because it’s easier. Yes, non-disposables take quite some work, but considering the number of advantages they provide, let’s say they get to be the winner.

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