Professional content writers try to write on relevant topics to stay in the spotlight as long as possible. Their success is based on their relevance. These writers use trending keywords and topics to understand users and target the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool.
Finding these trendy issues or topics on a daily basis is not an easy task. But it is not impossible altogether.
We have made things simpler for you by listing a few ways in which you can make this tedious process a lot easier.

Ways to Find Trending Keywords and Topics

1.Google Trends

Google Trends is a search analytics site that many use to find trending topics. This site provides valuable information on popular topics. It serves as a research-based tool for marketers as well as content creators.

The researcher, with the help of this tool, can specifically choose a topic. He can engage himself in in-depth and real-time research by opting for specific countries or states. This will further help him to get localized information to target the keywords. Targeting the keywords helps in developing market strategies by marketers.


Reddit is a community-based network of people’s interests. This site is used for discussions and web content rating. People vote for the topics they find relevant. The topics with more ‘upvotes’ are visible on the home screen. A glance at the Reddit homepage and the viewers will know about the trending or popular topics.

Subreddits are explicit topics providing more insights. The professional content writers and content writing agencies take note of these subreddits to find popular topics.


Buzzfeed is the United States’ digital media that delivers news and entertainment information to millions of people. The homepage of this site informs the viewers about popular or trending topics.

The trending subjects are available on BuzzFeed in the form of listicles. These list posts help the freelance content writer get keyword ideas to frame the content’s headline and titles. One can also find information regarding cultural subjects here. The site is easy to access, and just a tap on the given links can take one to their preferred topics.


Twitter is a digitized media platform that provides social networking services covering topics of almost every sector. The trending topics are available on the homepage. This platform is most famous for the daily update on the political and cultural scenario of the world. The trending political discussions usually give an idea about the perspectives of the crowd.

One can search about topics of their interest and promote their business here, all by using hashtags. These hashtags give one knowledge about particular trends. Twitteratis like, comment, and share posts, which in turn indicate their popularity.


The keyhole is the hashtags analytics tool used by several content writing agencies and a few of the world’s leading firms. This tool helps in tracing hashtags across social media. The content creators get the opportunity to monitor specific topics in real-time.


Each of these analytical tools and web platforms has its Unique Selling Propositions or USPs. One needs to familiarize oneself with each of them to utilize them fully. These have proved beneficial for professional content writers and content writing agencies.

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