AI or Artificial Intelligence has gradually permeated into our lives. From communication to content writing, AI is omnipresent. By 2025, the global market value of AI will hopefully reach as high as $190 billion. Content writing industry, just like any other profession, is facing the impact of AI. Writers and industry experts are doubtful.

Will AI takeover human content writers?

Will AI replace human content writers completely?

Will there be no place for human content writers in content writing industry?

Questions like these are common nowadays. But as far as we understand, content writers are here to stay for long. AI may takeover a part of the industry. But the emotional and humane touch that every content need can be offered by a professional content writer only. No robotic intelligence can ever cater to the emotional needs of the readers.

Will AI Writing Replace Professional Content Writers? | IT Briefcase

What is Artificial Intelligence?

When machines, especially computers try to simulate human intelligence, it is called as artificial intelligence or AI. It is basically a branch of computer science which helps in developing uber smart machines. These machines are then used to perform tasks just like a human being. AI has made our life easier and better. For instance, who does not love commanding Alexa to play his/her favourite song. Similarly, Siri performs all the tasks which you ask her to do when you can’t reach out to your device. But with increased dependence on AI, several employees may lose their jobs across the globe.

AI and its intricate writing methodology

Artificial intelligence uses natural language processing and deep learning to come up with a content. Deep learning helps AI to imitate the human brain, while natural language tries to match up with the natural tonality and language similar to that of human beings. AI programs are designed to learn, understand and implement rules of grammar, definitions etc.

Basically, first of all the computer accumulates all the relevant data and then process and convert them into a brand-new piece of content.

Usage of AI in writing

Artificial intelligence is being used by professional content writers to polish and upgrade their content. There are several AI based tools available which helps the content writers to check plagiarism, grammatical accuracy, spelling errors and so on. Such AI-based tools have proved to be of great benefit to the content writers. For instance, if you are unable to come up with the perfect headline for your blog, AI will do it for you.

Human writers won’t wash away by the ripples of AI!

Content creation is not mere jotting down words. It is a complicated process where you generate an idea for content writing. This involves intense brainstorming. Next, the writer needs to come up with a catchy and attention-grabbing title. After that, he/she will structure the content as per the requirement. While writing the content, one needs to incorporate apt keywords so that the content ranks high in SERPs. The writer also needs to take care of the tonality and usage of words. After he is done with writing, the next thing he needs to do is to make his content free from any plagiarism or grammatical inaccuracy.

AI, in no way, can imitate all of this in one go! There are tools for keyword search, headline generation, plagiarism checking etc. But these tools can only enhance the content quality. They cannot replace human writing altogether.

Will AI Replace Writers and Editors?

Why we are far ahead of AI when it comes to content writing?

Professional content writers have a few skillsets which sets them apart and way ahead from AI.

  1. Creativity
  2. Experience
  3. Empathy
  4. Passion
  5. Storytelling
  6. Variation
  7. Judgement
When Will AI Replace Writers?

In a nutshell

AI is learning to imitate human behaviour. It will take years to catch up with human content writers. We, on the other hand, are continuously upskilling ourselves so that no machine can replace our creativity. Let us use AI to polish and enhance what we write. After all a machine is devoid of human emotions and connection. Hence, it will never be able to match up with human writing style.

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