Copywriting is nothing but writing content that helps in enhancing sales of different brands and companies. Copies need to be crisp, appealing, and problem-solving. The main aim of copywriters is to bring in convertible leads by conveying the right message to the target audience. Copywriting is one of the most lucrative career options for writers. There are different types of copywriting services that you can offer to your clients. Let’s read more about this!

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Types of copywriting services that will help you make more money!

Ecommerce copywriter

Writing copies for e-commerce websites like eBay, Amazon, Flipkart etc., can be a great option for you. You will have to create persuasive copies for the customers on the basis of price, quality, reviews, product description and so on. Writing eCommerce copies require complete knowledge of the market and an in-depth understanding of customer psychology.

Ad copywriting

Have you seen all those eyeball-grabbing ad copies of Zomato? Yes, they have been written by advertisement copywriters. An ad copywriter creates compelling copies for digital and print ad campaigns. You must use power-packed headlines, use apt images and colour tones, and be comfortable reading texts. You will either be hired by agencies or work as a freelancer directly for different brands.

UX copywriting

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User experience matters a lot, and a UX copywriter helps in doing just that using his words. You need to curate content that helps the users to enhance their experience. Your copies will help users to accomplish their different goals by using any specific application or product for which you are writing UX copies. The main idea is to make the experience smooth and hassle-free for the users and make them realise how the product is quite irreplaceable in their lives. Basically, you will be creating a sense of need using your words subtly.

Digital copywriting

If you are well-versed with user psychology and understand the intricacies of website design, then my friend, you can offer digital copywriting services to your clients. You will be responsible for creating attractive copies for websites in the form of landing pages. Your copies must be persuasive in tonality. But at the same time, you cannot sound too salesy.

Brand copywriting

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Be the voice of popular brands by using the right words. A brand copywriter helps a brand to create an impactful image and help it connect with its target audience emotionally. Your copies will make the brand appear familiar to its target audience. Create copies that people can relate to. Help them laugh, share their problems and let them know that the brand is there to help them with the perfect solution.

SaaS copywriting

If SaaS or software as a service is your comfort zone, then you can try writing SaaS copies as well. With your words, you will be helping different cloud software brands market and sell their products to the products. Your copies should be informative and persuasive.

Concluding thoughts

The art of copywriting is not as easy as it seems to be. You should be aware of the latest market trends. Also, the demand and expectations of the customers need to be kept in mind. Try offering any or a few of these copywriting services to your clients. Make sure your words bring to the table the desired results – conversions, increased ROI etc. Copywriting is definitely here to stay for long in the industry.

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