Content writing is emerging as one of the most promising career options nowadays. More and more aspirants are showing their inclination towards making an entry into the content writing industry. But the competition is a tad bit high, and you need to be on your toes to crack a content writing interview.

There are multiple things that you ought to keep in mind if you wish to clear your interview for the role of a content writer. Whether you are a fresher or a freelance content writer, keeping a few points in mind will prove to be of great benefit.

Worry not, as we have curated some major points that can help you sail through a content writing interview conveniently. Keep reading to know more in detail!

Tips to crack your next Content Writing Interview

Things to keep in mind for clearing a content writing interview


First of all, ask yourself whether you are eligible to apply for the post of a professional content writer or not. Well, if writing does not come naturally to you, or you do not love reading, then there is a very bleak chance of your becoming a successful content writer.

The next thing to ensure is the basic eligibility criteria of the company you are applying to. Before mailing your resume, make sure you match aptly to the requirement of the company.

Educational qualification

It is true that a content writer does not require a degree to prove his/her writing capabilities. But suppose you are applying for the post of senior content writer at a diet and nutrition company. A diploma or certificate in diets and nutrition can work wonders in that case. Similarly, having the first-hand experience in health industries will bring in additional benefits if you are applying as a health content writer intern.

Basic skills

The responsibility of the professional content writer is not just to keep writing different types of content for the clients. They, in fact, need multiple skills in order to proliferate and grow in the industry. Some of these skills are:

  • Communication skills
  • Time management
  • Basic SEO skills
  • Basic knowledge of digital marketing and social media marketing
  • Usage of tools like MS word, Google Docs, Google spreadsheet, Grammarly, etc.

When appearing for an interview, make sure whatever you say or write depicts these skills thoroughly.

How To Crack Content Writing Interview? - CareerGuide

Industry-specific questions

Most likely, you will go through two or three rounds of interviews. The interview may ask you industry-specific questions just to make sure that you have the basic idea of the same. So, it is better to go prepared in advance.

Research well about the company you are applying in. Suppose you are going for an interview for the post of a content writer on an entertainment website. Make sure you upgrade your knowledge about current entertainment events and happenings.

Also, upskill yourself and enhance your knowledge by getting a certificate in digital marketing, search engine optimisation or social media marketing. This will help you crack the questions which the interviewer may ask you.

Know the company inside out

You need not work in the FBI to know about the company in detail. Simply go through their website and LinkedIn profile. Get an idea of their target audience, the scope of work, business goal, and so on. Pay special attention to the tagline they use, and come up with something unique and better. During the interview rounds, show off your research work subtly. Trust us! HR will be highly impressed with your homework.

Shipping 101

Well, these are some points that will definitely help you crack an interview as a content writer. All you need is to keep yourself updated with all the relevant information. Apart from these, carry a pleasant demeanour and be super confident even if you are a fresher. Your eagerness to prove yourself, high confidence and nature back up by your knowledge will definitely help you in bagging a content writing job in any of the prestigious companies.

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