When you enter a company, the first thing you notice is the corporate lobby. The lobby is the utmost sacral element in the building. A beautifully designed corporate lobby fills the gap, which helps the employees prepare to turn their work mode on.

The view of the lobby should educate people about what will happen when you enter through that doors. Hence making them want to be a part of your company. Here are some ways you can make the perfect impression with the help of your corporate lobby.

  1. Colors Used

The color selection used in the lobby is of utmost importance when you are creating a space where people can enjoy. Different colors influence particular physiological human behavior like emotions. For instance, the red color spikes passion and excitement, while blue portrays calmness and trust.  Most companies like Facebook and Twitter play with different shades of blue.

Choose an appropriate color palette that conveys the message you want to display to the visitors and the employee. Remember to choose the right colors for your walls and office furniture, making the lobby look calmer and inviting.

  1. Display your Logo

Incorporate the company’s logo in the lobby to make it seem more professional. By doing so, you are indirectly promoting your brand into your visitors’ minds as soon as they enter. In addition to this, it also makes your guests develop an impression of a solid professional business.

You can replace the generic floor mats with customized mats with your company’s logo. You can always take guidance from a professional designer, or you could think out of the box on how to reflect your brand in the lobby. Do not be afraid of experimentation because you might not know what may click.

  1. Make the atmosphere lively

Offer your clients and guests complimentary welcome drinks and food in the lobby. For example, you could provide a cup of coffee with some doughnuts or bagels for the clients who come in the morning. This helps to set a good and chirpy tone for any upcoming meetings.

Other than providing refreshments, you can also give out some brochures containing your company’s information. You can either talk about your success story or explain some of your essential products and services. This way, you can bring the clients up to date with your company in no time.

  1. Keep your lobby clean

First impressions are an essential part of your company. With the stunning design of the lobby, you should ensure to keep the area clean and tidy. You can get unexpected guests at any time of the day. A cluttered and ill-maintained lobby will create an inferior image of your company. Hence hire a cleaner to do a little dusting every day.

Interior of spacious lobby with comfortable white sofa and armchairs placed in contemporary hotel in daylight


Creating and maintaining a beautiful and clean lobby is critical if you want to leave a good impression of your company in the guest’s mind. Hence you can either use the tips given above or hire a professional interior designer to help you out.

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