Writing a blog and any other kind of writing is a skill that comes with practice and years of experience. One can read all about grammar and perfect syntax and learn various writing techniques but it all comes down to how much time one spends writing and trying to make themselves better at it. That being said, there are still things you can keep in mind when you practice that will help you write better blogs than before.
Here are some points that one should keep in mind while writing a blog :

  1. Choosing the topic – When you’re choosing the topic, it is easy to pick a broad one but a lot of information is lost when you try to fit it all in one blog post. It is always better to narrow down your topic as much as possible so that it is easy for you to cover it and deliver the best blog.
  2. Do your research – There is no substitute for researching when it comes to writing a well-informed article. After having decided on a topic, you need to gain a good amount of knowledge about it so that you can condense it in form of an article.
  3. Outline the article beforehand – The final thing to do before one gets to writing is outlining the article. Outlining includes deciding on what you want to write and to what extent you want to cover it and sectioning information in relevant sections or subsections, etc.
  4. Multimedia experience – Use relevant pictures and videos if and when needed. It always helps if one can consume your information in various forms.
  5. Fact check – Remember since people who google their questions or queries will land upon your article for information that they need, it is important to make sure that you don’t spread information that is wrong in any way. Nowadays it’s quite easy to spread information, and so there is already a lot of misinformation doing rounds on the internet. Thus you need to be careful of what to add to the article.
  1. Editing – Editing is important to make sure that your sentences are readable, and the article doesn’t have unnecessary or irrelevant information. Editing is also important to maintain the tone of the article and make sure that it has the right kind of language and vocabulary. You can even do multiple drafts to get to a point where you think the subject-matter is getting across in the best way.
  2. Titles – The title is what decides whether someone would even click on the article to read it or not. The title makes or breaks everything when it comes to writing blogs because there are a hundred different articles along with yours, fighting for the attention of the reader. That’s why it is important to have catchy titles that grasp the attention of the reader at the first look.

These are all the pointers that you need to keep in mind when you’re just starting to write. Apart from that, it’s very important to be original, authentic, and creative. There are many writers out there and if you don’t want your voice to get drowned in the sea, you should say what you want to say. Over time, many writers develop their style which helps them set their craft apart from others and it only comes with practice. So, practice is the key when it comes to writing blogs.

Now get to your laptop or grab a pen and paper and get to writing!

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