Blogs are one of the most effective ways of engaging your audience on the internet. When written efficiently, it can grab the attention of quite a lot of people and convey a great deal of knowledge. But nowadays, people are losing their interest in reading- their attention span is dwindling, which is why blogging has become a bit challenging.

When writing a blog, especially for an artist, you have to keep a few things in mind. If you feel a bit overwhelmed at first, you are not the only one- most of us still do, but here are some pointers that will come in handy:

● Pay special attention to the title:

Titles play a significant role in deciding the fate of your blog post. Whether or not new readers will look at your write-up depends on how exciting and catchy its title is. Make sure the title you finalize on has a zest to it so that it shines through the head of blog posts on the internet.

● Know the topic well:

You can never deliver a good write-up if you are not acquainted with the topic on which you are writing. Consult with the artist, research the subject, and be thorough with whatever you find on the net. Check the facts, make several mind maps for better understanding, and once you have mastered the concept, move on to writing.

●Personal opinions matter:

If you have opted to write content for an artist’s blog, it is expected that you are interested in the subject of art. As we all know, many things in art depend on perspective- every individual opinion matters. Therefore, give a personal touch to the articles you write. Let your voice and viewpoints be heard!

● Prepare your drafts:

Getting things right in the first trial should never be your motto. Accept the fact that you might not be satisfied with what you have written at first, so make drafts. Rewrite and redo the whole article or parts of it till you are fully contented with the final result. With every successive draft, you will be able to track your progress.

● Proofread, edit, repeat:

Proofreading and editing are two key aspects of writing error-free and engaging content. Be thorough when you sit to edit your write-ups, and do not stop till you consider them worthy enough for the public.

Do not stop practicing and trust the process!

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