Headlines are the summarization of the texts, indicating their nature. The eye-catching headlines attract readers. The use of keywords and appropriate words for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), articles, and blogs are necessary.

The headlines not only pull the attention of the readers but also affects the sales of any article. This causes a break in the homepage and email subject lines. In the crowd, only a fraction of people show interest in your article who become your customers

  1. Make your Headlines Idiosyncratic

The primary goal of writing the headlines is to make the readers read the first line. If your content is idiosyncratic, it will attract the attention of your customers. This makes your customers think that the content of the article is different from your competitors.

The use of commercials catches the eyes of readers. In such cases, the headlines need to be captivating to the eyes of the readers or customers. The use of taglines by article writers can promote the sales of the firm. For eg, Mailchimp attracts the eye of the customers through their approachable personality.

2. Headlines need to Be Specific

You have to make your headlines specific, providing the customers with specific information. Freelance content writers working for a firm should keep this basic information in mind.

The inadequate information does not convey the ideas of the writer to the customers or audience. The specificity of the information in blog content writing is also necessary for an increase in the number of viewers.

3. Headlines should convey a Sense of Exigency

A sense of exigency should be conveyed to the readers with the use of appropriate words. This especially applies to freelance writers who work independently for different firms.

The idea behind conveying the sense of exigency is to make the article writer use specific keywords to captivate the interest of the readers. So that the readers are convinced about the quality of the article.

4. Make your Headline Utilitarian

The words used in your headlines should convey a benefit to the customers or readers. An article writer should use beneficial terms to promote competition amongst the firms.

Blog content writing has evolved as a new concept of social media marketing. If these blogs fail to convey any specific and beneficial information, the growth of the firms might be hampered.

The freelance writer should make it a norm to convey the standardized information to continue doing independent work.

5. Make use of Audience Reference

Addressing the audience in your headline is important to gather their attention. The use of words like ‘you’ and ‘your’ makes the audience believe that they are being taken into consideration.

The construction plays a psychological role focusing on problem-solving. The reader as a human being actively searches for the problem’s solution. The direct address to the audience, make them feel that the article is for them.

6. Use Keywords and Numbers

The use of numbers helps the audience to manage their expectations. The audience now can know what they want. So, the posts should have larger numbers in the headline. This captures more attention of the audience.

The use of keywords provides relevance to your article. The audience can understand the thoughts of the writer. The use of bodacious lines is appealing to the eyes of the reader.


The freelance writer should emotionally trigger the audience with the use of facts and principles. The emotionally triggered audience can easily connect with the writer’s thoughts.

The writing of the headlines is experimental with diminishing returns. However, the points mentioned above are to be primarily taken into consideration.

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