Introduction and conclusion are both just as important as the main body of the article. It is something that a freelance content article writer must master because these two elements if properly used, can elevate any piece of writing.

An introduction is the part of an article/essay where one, as the name suggests, introduces the topic to the reader. The introduction also makes clear to the reader the context and the extent of the topic covered. Here are some ways one can write better introductions for any article:
Make it interesting – The introductory paragraph is what makes the reader interested in the whole article. That is why it is important to write the introduction in a way that arouses curiosity in the reader’s mind. For that, one can use an appropriate quote, related statistics, or an interesting fact that might make the reader curious enough to read further.
The right amount of information – Merely introducing the topic in the first paragraph is never enough. One is also required to explain the topic and its relevance and give further background information on it. But one has to keep a check on the amount of information given away in the introduction; otherwise, the article might become unnecessarily lengthy and might take longer to get to the main point.
Start with an anecdote – When one feels a personal connection to the story, they are more attentive to the subject matter. Therefore it is always a good idea to lend a human touch to the articles one writes. For that, one can include anecdotes, past experiences, or short stories related to the article.

The conclusion is much more than just a summary as it brings the whole piece of writing together. In the conclusion, one typically broadens the perspective and tries to look at the bigger picture while also stating some more information regarding the arguments presented before. Here are some ways one can write better conclusions to end an article perfectly:
Not just a summary – The conclusion is not merely a summary of everything that one has mentioned in the article. Here one also gives their opinion on the subject matter, adds more perspective, etc. One might even give additional information to further explain the arguments and points presented in the article.
The right length – Most articles do not require conclusions longer than a well-formed paragraph as everything can be covered within that. But few articles might require lengthier conclusions to tie it all together by providing all the insights required to make the article whole.
Give a course of action – The articles in which one gives out suggestions or any kind of advice, it makes sense to include a course of action that the reader can follow at the end. One can also explain the consequences of the advice given and how it might benefit the reader.
Additional information – For this part, one has to think critically and find out what additional information is required. It should then be included in the conclusion and put in perspective for the reader.

These are only some ways in which one can improve the quality of their articles. But it is important to note that writing skills can only be improved through constant practice. One also needs to keenly analyze the feedback of their readers. Throughout one’s writing journey, they discover many easy tricks of their own which they employ to better and master their art. So, it is of paramount importance that one keeps writing and trying out new things to figure out what works best for them.

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