If you are an SEO content writer who is always on the lookout for increased traction, you will know that getting your audience’s attention for more extended periods is getting harder and harder these days. This challenge occurs because of current, shortened attention spans and the increase in short-form content across all platforms. It is challenging to have the audience’s attention, so interactive content has become the new savior for writers, including web content writers

What is interactive content?

Interactive content is content that has a feedback channel. Any content that you consume is mostly passive as you consume it without interacting with it in any way. With interactive content, you can get more out of it via hovering over it, clicking on it etc.

Interactive content can draw people to your website in more ways than one. But here are some more reasons why you should incorporate interactive content in your website:

  1. Increased value – The interactive aspect of your content means that your audience will be able to consume content in more ways than one. It also gives them a choice to choose what they consume and how. This makes for a much more customized and user-friendly experience. 
  2. Increased engagement – Interactive content is more sharable on social media than other kinds of content. That is why it can help you get more followers. This also means that you will have a greater chance of converting your audience into customers.
  3. Improved SEO – Interactive content is something that primarily focuses on user experience and strives to enhance it. User experience is also a factor that helps get SEO rankings. With the proper use of interactive content, you can get a better ranking as well.
  4. An advantage over competitors – Although interactive content is not entirely new, not many companies have caught on with the concept. That is why if you start creating and having interactive content on your website, you will still be a trailblazer and have some advantage over your competitors.
  5. Better profile building – Because the content is interactive, you can know a lot more about your audience. You can achieve this using polls, assessments and quizzes.

Why is interactive content the future?

Humans are social animals, and it is wired into our DNA that we feel the best when our minds are entirely engaged in one form or the other. This is what sets interactive content apart from all the different forms of content. It gives the users a sense of higher engagement. 

Engaging the audience has proven to be the most essential part of creating content in more studies than one. But it is also the aspect of content creation that’s the most challenging. Creating content is challenging in itself, but if you add the challenge of it being interactive, it may seem overwhelming. For this, you can take help from website content writing services. Getting professional help is a great way to get started on interactive content and learn a lot about it through the process.

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