Content writing industry is constantly evolving. It’s not something you can set and forget, especially in this day and age when everything – from SEO to Google algorithms, is highly dynamic. To sustain their success, professional content writers must also be aware of the ever-changing content marketing landscape. Knowing the intricacies of algorithms, new modifications, or features provides the first-mover advantage and assists freelance content writers in developing the most effective marketing campaigns.

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Let’s have a look at few content writing trends that can fetch increased engagement.

Evergreen content

Evergreen content is a search-optimized content type that is always relevant and, as the term implies, remains “fresh” for readers throughout time. You may believe that all online content is long-lasting. After all, a blog entry does not vanish after it is published. However, evergreen content is not the same. It remains relevant long after its publishing date, with search traffic increasing over time.

The following are some common evergreen formats to consider while creating long-lasting content.

  • Lists of the Best Advice
  • Tutorials with “How To” Instructions
  • Entries from an Encyclopedia
  • Product Evaluations

Such posts can definitely receive higher traffics and quality leads. That’s why, content coaches, experiences freelance writers etc., prefer using these content styles for their social media page such as LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

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Offering value through your content

Any unique, original, or exclusive content or information that your audience cannot obtain elsewhere is considered value-added content. Video material, case studies, research studies, white papers, promotional offers, tutorials, and blog articles are examples of added value content. Because this content gives genuine details and information, it is popular with readers and well-received by Google.

Using interactive visuals along with your content

Do you like scrolling through endless paragraphs without any graphic illustration? Modern content requires appealing imageries and visuals that can grab the attention of your readers. Graphically appealing content is quite in trend these days.

  • Images

Yes, photos are simple and widely used. But do not underestimate the value that a few images can add to your content.

  • Data-Driven Visuals

Although data is valuable, presenting it as language may fall flat. Instead, consider developing visual assets based on the data you have. These can be very successful in showing your brand as an industry thought leader.

  • Videos

Videos are the most popular type of graphics that you can use to uplift your content. You should not miss the opportunity to capitalize on their popularity to achieve your content marketing objectives.

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How to write trending content for readers – Tips and tricks

  • Write for the People: Professional content writers often commit the mistake of using fancy language and jargons in their blogs and articles. Remember that your audience is mostly comprised of beginners, and you want to create content for them. They won’t be interested in reading your blog while searching for the meanings in a dictionary.
  • Avoid Using Excessively Technical Terminology: Because the majority of your content is for beginners, using difficult, technical language may turn people off, so stick with simpler rhetoric. Technical writing is meant to be simple and that’s your job to make it simple.
  • Narrow Your Topic: Irrespective of what the topic is, stick to the purpose of the content. Prepare the outline accordingly and make sure you adhere to the word count. Unnecessarily long content won’t fetch engagement and goes down in ranking.
  • Repurpose Your Best Content: You definitely have a few content pieces which are so close to your heart. Use your creativity to repurpose the in accordance to the latest content trends.


The future of content writing is bright and full of possibilities. With the ongoing advancements in technology, content writing is changing at a breakneck rate. Anticipating trends and changes in audience behavior based on technological trends and upgrades might assist the best content writers in India in adjusting their approach and staying ahead of the curve. Follow these trending content ideas to notch up your content strategy to the next level.

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