If you aspire of becoming a well-established and renowned freelance content writer, then you must focus on self-branding. Yes, marketing your services and abilities in the most impactful manner can you take you to places! Self-branding is that tool that fills your inboxes with convertible leads. Your target audience actually gets to discover you when you market your content writing services right.

If you are a newbie in the idnustry, and wish to learn a few self-branding hacks and tips, then this blog is all you need. Read it, enjoy it, implement the tips in your everyday freelancing life.

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Top 5 Tricks and Tips to Make Self-branding Easy and Convenient

  • Build an appealing and elaborate portfolio

When you pitch for new work, your prospects may ask for previous work samples. Having a digital content writing portfolio is a great way to add a hint of professionalism to your work. There are different websites that help you build a free but attractive portfolio on your own. They have multiple free templates which you can customise as per your requirement. Make sure you have a professional portfolio ready. It should reflect your best work to date and sum up about yourself and your content writing services.

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  • Hire a designing professional

If you want to stay ahead and out of the crowd, try investing in professional services. Hire a designer who can handle the designing stuff for your content. Get your email signature, logo and brand name designed by a professional. Know that an ideal design is effective enough to carve a strong effect on your target audience’s heart and mind. Of course, you can try it for yourself using tools such as Canva. But that professional touch will be missing from your portfolio, website or emails.

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  • Have your very own website

You can also build your own website and start sharing your content on that regularly. Having a website notches up your professionalism rapidly. You become reliable all of a sudden. Use your website content effectively to reach out to your target audience. Consider the technicalities such as domain name and theme. You can use CMS platforms like WordPress, HubSpot, Wix and so on. Remember that majority of these will be paid ones. The free ones will have multiple limitations. So, it is better to think and plan well before you invest in a CMS platform.

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  • Create content vigorously on different social media platforms

Create your profiles on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram. Be highly active on these platforms and create content on a regular basis. The more you come up with relatable content, the bigger your network gets with time. You will get a huge fan following. Also, regular content creation brings in desirable traffic and quality leads.

You can share your own story, your struggles, victories or anything. Just make sure you add a touch of emotion to such content. Or, you can share tips and tricks related to your niche. Testimonials and feedbacks make you trustworthy and knowledgeable. There are so many things that you can try on social media platforms. Just make sure you continue with your efforts.

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  • Engage with your network every day

You cannot be arrogant and go incognito while you are aiming at successful self-branding. Comment on fellow content writers’ posts, share your opinions, show gratitude, praise their work and appreciate their efforts. Higher your engagement, better will be your marketing.

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Wrapping Up

Get rid of all confusions related to self-branding and marketing tactics. Practice these hacks religiously, and you will get results soon. Remember that you need to devote your time and efforts towards self-branding if you wish to get noticed.

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