So you are getting married in the next six months. And you have been planning for your wedding lehenga ever since you have entered your teenage days. You have carefully charted out the elaborate plan which includes lists of showrooms, multiple designs, cut-outs of your favourite actresses in bridal outfits, latest designs, matching accessories and whatnot. Still, know that once you enter the real scene, you will go baffled by the plethora of options available in the market. You may find it too confusing to choose the best lehenga for your wedding day. Follow these tips and hacks so that you do not have to regret later on!

Mistakes to avoid while buying the perfect lehenga for wedding

Rushing to buy the wedding attire as soon as your wedding day is fixed: If your D-day has been fixed one year in advanced, you should not rush out to buy your lehenga for wedding right away. Keep an eye for ongoing trends, consider the weather, keep searching online and start shopping just six months before. This way, you will  avoid wearing an outdated wedding lehenga.

Sticking to a particular design or colour: Always shop for your lehenga with an open mind. Do not stick to any particular shade or pattern. Check different options. You never know what surprise awaits you.

Going blind after a specific trend: If you are planning to buy a lehenga for wedding which is currently trending, pause for a while. Consider if the lehenga will look elegant ten years down the lane. Remember your wedding photographs need to look effortlessly elegant. Hence choose a style which does not fade with the passage of time.

Ignoring your body type: You have gone flabbergasted by the look of the wedding lehenga, and now you are planning to buy the same. But remember, the attire may not look as attractive on you as it did on the model. Please keep in mind that everyone has a different body type. You should choose a lehenga style which suits your body type and elevates your features and accentuates your looks. First of all, identify your body type and then move further for choosing a lehenga that suits you.

Checking out each and every showroom that crosses your way: Fix your budget and stick to it. Do not hop into every showroom or designer studio that you come across. This will be sheer wastage of time. And chances are you will end up picking up a lehenga only to know that it is way out of your budget.

No time for alterations: Always make room for alterations. You should have enough time so that your tailor can customise your lehenga as per your body structure. Also, if you wish to add some specific patterns, designs or embellishment on your blouse or dupatta, you can get it done. But you should have enough time for it.

Keep these things in mind, and you will end up having a dreamy and sophisticated lehenga for wedding!

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