Indian big fat weddings are absolutely incomplete without the extravagant pre-wedding and post-wedding photoshoots and videography; stunning bridal makeup by pricey makeover salons, luxurious lehenga hunt across the designer studios, showrooms, complete bridal skincare routine, and whatnot. But if we think deeply, we will realise that most of these activities revolve around the would-be-bride. But why should girls experience all the fun during the wedding day? The wedding day is not just about the bride. The groom too, should have his fair share of enjoyment.

Even the grooms feel confused while choosing his wedding sherwani. He does not get all the attention from his peers like a bride does from her girl gang. But the bride-groom definitely needs to look at his stunning best on his own wedding day. He cannot, by any chance, get overshadowed by the elegance and beauty of his bride. Both should complement each other on their D-day.

How to be the Best-dressed Man on Your Wedding Day – Choose the Right Wedding Sherwani

As the baraat enters, all eyes search for the groom, and hence, he needs to look elegant, stunning, charming, and handsome as he gets off his ride, and walk onto the stage. Here’s the must-read guide that will keep all the would-be-grooms sorted for their wedding day. Follow these hacks and tips to create a profound impression on your in-laws and guests, and ensure that your bride will go weak on her knees.

  • Style: There are a plethora of suave designs available for all the handsome grooms out there. Designers like Manish Malhotra, Rohit Bal and Junaid Jamshed make sure that each groom can be a stunner on his special day. Feel free to experiment with different styles. Go for a modern cravat design or an Indo-western fusion cuts. Try different styles and pick the one that best suits your body structure and countenance. Also, you can always choose a design that makes you look classy and royal effortlessly.
  • Design: The design of your wedding sherwani can either make your day or ruin it completely. Always remember that there will be a multitude of designs available. But it is significant to choose the one which elevates your style and suits your persona. Of course, you can choose from a plethora of designs like embossed patterns, immersive patterns, embroidery and much more. A tall and slender groom should preferably go for a light-coloured sherwani for the wedding. But if you are a chubby groom and cannot give up on your favourite pizza, then it is better to stick to dark-coloured wedding sherwanis with small patterns. Do not forget to customise your collar and add a dash of bling on it.
  • Colour: Always discuss the colour of your wedding attire with your would-be-bride. Make sure both of you match up your attires in terms of colour, contrast, brightness and so on. If you are looking forward to some cool, flamboyant shades, go for Turquoise. Also, there are lots of options in chocolate browns, deep purples, oranges, light cream, peach etc. Have a heartfelt conversation with your bride and decide upon the colour of your attires, thereby creating a major couple goal.
  • Fitting: Always choose the wedding sherwani that fits you like a dream. Never compromise your wedding-day-look by adorning a loose-fitted, crumbling, wrinkled and droopy sherwani.

Keep these tips and tricks in mind, and you will for sure slay it on your D-day!

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