The red colour has been considered highly auspicious in Indian wedding ceremonies. It is the colour of love and elegance. No Indian wedding ever gets completed without the vermillion hue. The red colour is deeply ingrained in each and every ceremonies and ritual of an Indian wedding. One can see the splash of red colour in every attire and accessories that a bride adorns. Right from her wedding lehenga to the handful of bangles and the auspicious sindoor, we can see a hint of red everywhere. The red colour is symbolic for the blissful nuptial ceremony in an Indian marriage.

However, modern brides are creating headlines every day with a new set of styles, embellishments, and bespoke lehenga designs. Today girls love to experiment with colours, styles, designs and patterns. Rather than following the age-old traditions, modern-day brides are taking bold steps to become trendsetters.

If you too wish to ditch that highly overrated red bridal lehenga, then this blog is meant for you, my dear!

Bright Pink: Want to wear some bright and bold colour? But you do not wish to wear the same old red colour. Dark pink can be the ideal option for you. The bold and beautiful pink colour makes a bride look beautiful and elegant. The colour is not as loud and rich as red. But it is the perfect option for any night wedding ceremony. Adorn a dark pink wedding lehenga without any doubt if you wish to avoid red colour.

Pastel pink: Are you going to have a day-time wedding? Then the best colour which you can ever choose for your wedding day is pastel pink. This colour will make you look beautiful and pretty like a flower. The colour will be highly soothing not just for you but for the beholders around as well.

Golden lehenga: Who says that red is the only colour that makes a bride elegant? Try a glittery, gold coloured wedding lehenga, and you will look like a dream. Elevate your looks with matching accessories. This shade is perfect if you want an offbeat option, but at the same time wish to be the head-turner. Raise the temperature with this opulent, golden bridal lehenga.

Purple: Ditch the conventional red bridal lehenga and opt for bright purple one. This will not only enhance your charm but at the same time, make you look bubbly and pretty. A purple bridal lehenga is apt for a night-time wedding. If you do not want to go for light coloured wedding lehengas for your day-time wedding, then too purple colour can be your best friend.

  • Dark Green: Make a bold statement by opting for a dark green wedding lehenga. Pair it up with a choli which has heavy embellishments on it. Accessorise the adornment with beautiful jewellery and stupefy everyone out there with your stunning beauty.

So when you go out for lehenga shopping for your D-Day, try these offbeat colours, and you will for sure end up making the best choice.

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