Not everyone is a good writer. Not everyone can express their ideas in captivating words. But to overcome this issue, people resort to plagiarise. Straightaway copying someone else’s ideas, expressions, language or thoughts fall under the act of plagiarism. Google is indeed very smart, and when a content writer uploads a plagiarised content online, Google simply brings it down. This means there will be no chances of the content gaining increased reach or visibility. Thus, if you are a freelance content writer trying to make it big in the content writing industry, make sure you deliver 100% plagiarism-free content to your clients. There are multiple plagiarism checkers available that you can use to make your content free of plagiarism.

Content Marketing Using Plagiarism Does More Harm Than Good

Why is it necessary to deliver 100% plagiarism-free content?

If you are a genuine writer, you must be wondering that why you would have to run your content through a plagiarism checker since you have written it from scratch. But here’s the catch! A few sentences or phrases in your content can be quite similar to what has been already published online. This happens mostly in the case of generic phrases, such as “Let’s start!”, “Happy Journey”, “Following are the details”, etc. You have been reading such generic sentences forever, and when you write the same thing in your content, it will be considered plagiarism only.

So, you need to run your content through an effective plagiarism-checker and make all the changes so that the content is devoid of any plagiarism.

Plagiarism checking is meant for getting riddance from any kind of duplicated ideas or content. A plagiarism checker will give you an elaborate report. A plagiarism-free content means that you have complete copyright to your content, and no one else can claim it as his/her own. A plagiarism checker also helps you avoid any kind of error that may have occurred while paraphrasing.

Why Duplicate Content can be Detrimental

How to choose the best online plagiarism checking tool?

There are multiple plagiarism tools available online, which you can use absolutely for free. They come with word count limitations. For instance, you can check a blog of 1000 words in a free plagiarism checker at one go. Suppose your content is 2k words long, then you have to check the remaining 1000 words in the next turn. Some of the most popular free plagiarism checking tools are SmallSEOtools plagiarism checker, duplichecker, pre-post SEO and so on.

Suppose you invest in a premium plagiarism checker, then you will get better results and much better reports. Grammarly premium and Copyscape are the two best plagiarism-checking tools popular among professional content writers.

Follow the below-given criteria while choosing an online plagiarism checking tool:

  • The tool should support multiple document files and browsers.
  • The plagiarism checker should assure 100% security and maximum accuracy.
  • The tool you choose should offer a swift plagiarism report.
  • It should be capable of using multiple databases and sources to base its plagiarism search upon.
  • It should be able to scan a higher number of pages or words for free.
Top 3 tips to write plagiarism free content - iSEO works

In a nutshell

A plagiarised content will never be able to garner engagement which is the ultimate goal of every piece of content. Plagiarism affects SEO tactics as well. Hence, you should always use a plagiarism checking tool before delivering the final draft to your client. A 100% plagiarism-free content report will not just boost your confidence, but will increase your reputation as well.

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