Content writing isn’t always as simple as it sounds. There’s a lot of researching, planning, and enhancing that goes in the background, and you know if you want to get paid for your articles, you have to learn the basics. That’s why we found you five online sites that teach you excellent content writing and prepare you for the industry.

  1. Henry Harvin – Content Writing Course Online

Henry Harvin’s Certified Digital Content Writer (CDCW) certification is #1 in the industry. With Henry Harvin, you can write in a variety of genres.

Henry Harvin’s online content writing course allows you to learn at your own pace. Henry Harvin’s trainers teach SEO to increase web traffic. Henry Harvin has devised unique teaching methods and the core material of writing courses.

It includes a year of writing academy gold membership and 24/7 assistance. Benefits include live projects, recorded sessions, a guaranteed internship, weekly job help, monthly brush-up sessions, and more! You can study new writing techniques and earn money through online projects. Henry Harvin can make a novice content writer a master.


  1. UDEMY

 Udemy is one of the most popular websites for young and aspiring writers to take online content writing courses. It has a greater variety of courses. There are various types of content writing courses that you might try. WordPress , writing, copywriting, blogging, SEO, and marketing strategy are covered.

You can select a level according to your skill level, whether beginner, moderate, or expert. You have a language choice. There are two pricing options: paid and premium. You can select a suitable duration for you, ranging from 0-2 hours to 17+ hours. Finally, you can look at the ratings to find the best courses. There are approximately 1,500 results in all.


  1. Masterclass

 Masterclass focuses on providing online courses on music, creative writing, and the arts. However, it has just begun to offer business and marketing courses. Author Daniel Pink can teach you about sales and persuasion, and journalist Anna Wintour can teach you innovation and leadership. Combine these courses with Masterclasses on business storytelling from people like Malcolm Gladwell. These courses are reasonably priced and of professional quality. You may also view them by downloading the Masterclass app during your lunch break.


  1. Content Writing Certification by Hubspot

 If you want to take your content writing talents to the next level in 2019, the Hubspot Content Writing Certification course is appropriate for you. This course teaches you how to develop a scalable content strategy for your company and convert visitors into leads.

This online course covers content strategy and creation, repurposing and promotion, and analytics. It elevates you to the level of content writing mastery and provides you with a competitive advantage. In addition, after completing the course, you can assess your progress by passing an online exam.



Skillshare is a website that offers a variety of courses in Creative Arts, Business, and Technology. There is a sub-part in the Creative Arts division for several content writing courses. There are both paid and free versions available. Each session ranges in length from less than 15 minutes to more than 60 minutes. They reveal the number of people in each class so you can choose based on the popularity of each subject. There are nearly 2000 outcomes there.


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