The best way to get ahead in your career is by leveraging your network. LinkedIn has emerged as the most reliable tool for professionals looking to grow their network and garner additional opportunities. It is a highly effective tool for content writers. But only if they know how to use it properly! Let’s take a look at some strategies you can implement right now so that you’re not left behind!

We have curated some sureshot content ideas that you can use for content posting on LinkedIn. Scroll down and check them out!

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Content tailored to your audience

You should post contents that are add value to your target audience on LinkedIn. However, many people make the mistake of publishing the same content on LinkedIn as they do on their blog or their website.

Analysis of In-depth knowledge pieces

One of the most successful types of articles you can publish on LinkedIn is those that have been published first on another well-known media outlet. No! It’s not about just copy-pasting the same content. You need to write a piece that serves as a commentary or analysis on those publications.

You can go the extra mile and add some more context and information as it will make your write up unique from the existing publication.

As a result, you will not only increase the amount of traffic coming from LinkedIn but also grow into an authoritative figure within your industry. This is great for branding purposes.

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Open letters to companies/influencers

This type of post is even more powerful because they tap into two major pain points:

  1. It can either be a collective response to some controversial statement recently said by a certain person (i.e., an influencer) or a group of them on LinkedIn,
  2. Or, it can be written as if “you” the author were writing directly to one particular company.

In both cases, your objective is to make people stand up and take notice.

Controversial opinions

This is another type of content that does not need much persuasion.  We all love getting our teeth into something juicy and controversial. Especially when there are sides, and we could potentially stand on one and fight for it.

Same as with open letters, this type of article needs you to take a firm stance on some hot topic and design an entire piece around your opinion.

How-to guides/tips

This is another tried and tested content type.  We all love useful step-by-step, or sometimes even just theoretical advice that comes straight from the industry insiders.

On LinkedIn, such guides can be typically 200-800 words long. Additionally, it usually focuses on what actions should be taken to achieve certain goals within a certain industry.

The most important thing is to make sure that everything stays relevant to the LinkedIn platform. Don’t make the mistake of creating a report that covers general marketing tips and then publishing it on LinkedIn.

Quotes, statistics and other interesting facts

This is one of the most under-appreciated content ideas out there. After all, who doesn’t love to be inspired from time to time?

One thing that makes quotes so powerful is their universality. Your audience will actually feel connected to the quotes quite easily. Also, statistics and interesting trivia keeps your readers motivated. You will probably need to do some research on your end before coming up with something truly unique.  However, if you can pull it off, you will succeed in grabbing people’s attention!

Personal stories

LinkedIn is also a great place to share your personal stories with the rest of the world.

If you come across something inspirational or if someone inspires you in some way, do not hesitate to publish it. The personal touch and the sense of emotion can attract lots of traffic and quality engagement.

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LinkedIn is an effective social media platform where you can get ideal clients, simply by being consistent with your content strategy. Use these ideas, prepare a list of topics that you want to post, and schedule your calendar accordingly. Your regularity on LinkedIn and value-bomb posts can definitely fetch you the desired results.

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