If you want to get established as a successful freelance content writer, then just writing well is not enough. You need to stand ahead of the crowd by always delivering your best without any delay. Make sure you are at your productive during your work hours. Content writers, especially freelancers, often face issues related to time management. Procrastination, improper work setting, distraction and several other factors affect their productivity.

If you are looking for some productivity hacks to improve your content writing, then you are at the right place. We talked to professional content writers who have shared their tried-and-tested hacks and tips. Scroll down right away to know the details!

Try These Productivity Hacks to Make Content Writing a Smooth Experience!

  1. Maintain a daily writing schedule and adhere to it

If you are a freelance content writer, this tip is meant for you. Those who have 9 to 5 content writing jobs have a regular work schedule to follow. However, if you are a freelancer, you need to make sure that you have a fixed schedule for content writing. Choose a time that suits you and adhere to it. Once you get habitual of it, your productivity will be the maximum during those specific hours.

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  1. Use a timer while writing a piece of content

You already know how much time it would take to complete a blog of say, 1000 words. Set your timer to one hour and then match up your speed according to it. This trick will help you to maintain your speed and keep distractions at bay.

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  1. Make the most out of keyboard shortcuts

Learn all the basic keyboard shortcuts so that you can complete the tasks easily. Knowing the shortcuts help you accomplish the tasks easily without any hassle. You can write, format and save the drafts swiftly when you know all these shortcuts.

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  1. Download a voice-to-text dictation software

On some days, you won’t feel motivated enough to type things out on the keyboard. Yet you should not postpone the projects or keep your clients hanging. It is, therefore, better to use reliable voice-to-text dictation software for those difficult days. Such software will identify your voice and type the words as per you pronounce them.

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  1. Use grammar and spelling tools to speed up the proofreading process

Manual proofreading is always better than AI-based proofreading. However, doing it manually is quite cumbersome and time-consuming. When running out of time, it is, therefore, advisable to use tools like Grammarly, Copyscape etc., to enhance your proofreading speed.

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  1. Use a noise cancellation headphone

A noise cancellation headphone serves as your best friend when you need zero distraction and 100% focus on content creation. No amount of noise and chaos can break your concentration when you have your headphones on. Minimum distraction, maximum productivity! Invest in a high-grade noise-cancellation headphone, and you are sorted.

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  1. Let your family/friends/colleagues know that you are working

Content writing requires utmost concentration and dedication. You need to research, think deeply and write down the contents. Not everyone will understand this hard work. It is your responsibiltiy to let your family, friends and colleagues know what it takes to type a piece of content. Request them not to disturb you in the middle of your work. Let them know that you are not available for a chit-chat every now and then.

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Wrapping Up

Content writing involves lots of research work, creation of elaborate outline, writing as per the guidelines and vigilant proofreading. It is, therefore, necessary that you use these effective productivity hacks so that your performance is top-notch every single time. Integrate these tips into your everyday work routine, and soon you will get habitual of them.

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