A freelance content writer can easily surpass what any full-timer would earn. All he/she needs to do is to offer quality services backed by an effective strategy. What makes freelancing most enjoyable is the sense of freedom that you experience. One can choose the work of his/her choice. There won’t be any peer pressure, no competition and no rat race to catch up. But at the same time, in order to ensure consistent money inflow, one needs to offer premium content writing services to the clients.

In this blog, we will look at the types of writing that freelancers can provide to mint more money. If you are a beginner and are completely clueless about how to earn money as a freelance content writer, let us help.

Profesi Content Writer (Gaji, Tugas, Syarat, Pendidikan Kuliah)

1. Ghostwriting

The first major high-paying content service that you can offer is ghostwriting. You will be creating blogs and articles, and those will be published on some website under someone else’s name. Many agencies, as well as content writers in the realm of online marketing, provide SEO web content writing under the category of ghostwriting.

Doing intense research and using creative skills to curate informative and engaging content indeed demands a lot of hard work. So, if you are willing to do all of these as well as forgo your right on the content, then there are so many companies and websites out there who are more than willing to pay you for ghostwriting.

Profesi Content Writer (Gaji, Tugas, Syarat, Pendidikan Kuliah)

2. Copywriting

Copywriting is one of the most high-paying content writing services in the content industry. It includes composing website content, product descriptions, sales collateral, advertisements, social media captions and so on. Copywriting is more about sales than information. Not everyone can be a successful copywriter as it requires mastery over words. You should be able to persuade your target audience to take desired actions using your words. While working for a client, you need to keep in mind that your words represent the brand and are often the first thing that potential purchasers will read.

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3. Emails

Email campaigns are increasingly getting popular as more and more brands and companies are using email marketing for customer acquisition. Brands like Zomato, Plum, Nykaa, everyone out there is relying on email marketing for gaining more traffic and leads. Even small businesses, educational institutes, and other B2B businesses are resorting to email marketing to enhance their sales and revenues. So why not use your words to curate effective emails that can compel the readers to take the next desired move?

Make sure you bring value to the audience. And do not forget to use “power” words in the subject so that they feel compelled to open the newsletter.

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4. Technical writing

Technical writing may appear overwhelming but fetches high income easily. If you have his way with technicalities and are also good with wordplays, then this one is meant for you. There are numerous companies and websites out there that are on a continuous lookout for technical content writers.  And trust us when we say that technical writers are not that easily available.

If you can explain in easy words how a machine works, or describe the specifications of a product, or have in-depth knowledge about technology, then you can easily offer technical writing services.

Perspectives and Trends for Technical Writers

5. Social media posts

Did you know that social media is used by more than 40% of the world’s population? There is a large audience out there, and businesses are expected to have a presence on the big social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter. If you are a wordsmith and also understand the pulse of social media, then you can write compelling social media captions for influencers, bloggers, brands, businesses and so on.

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These are some of the most high-paying content services which you can offer to your clients. Keep writing, keep minting money by using your creative words and curating trending content of 2021.

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