Every ideal article consists of four compulsory components- the title, the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Each of these components holds equal significance in a commendable article. Still, time and again, you must have heard people stating the extreme importance of a well-written introduction. But why so? Why do critics and well-known writers attach so much weightage to an effective introduction? 

Let’s find out!

Characteristics of an Effective Introduction

You need to pay attention to what you should include and what you should not in your introduction. It is essential to strategize and plan out the whole article before you start writing the final draft. 

A few pointers for your introduction:

  • Prepare your reader for what comes ahead. 
  • It should contain a short insight into what your article deals with. 
  • It should be interesting to read. 
  • You should use lucid language to express yourself unambiguously.

Why is an Introduction necessary? 

Read on to know about why you should never compromise with your article’s introduction:

  • State the purpose of your article:

The introduction you write should consist of an overview of the whole article. This will help the readers to get acquainted with the central theme and argument of the write-up. Only if the subject matter interests them will they stay and read the whole article. 

  • Draw more audience:

A good introduction can help in drawing more audience to your website. It will encourage the readers to look further into the write-up and stay longer on your web page. 

Moreover, introductions can make or break your audience or clientele. Always remember, ‘the first impression is the last impression’- thus, a poorly written introduction might generate negative reviews from new readers who will not attempt to follow more of your writings.

  • Ignite your readers’ interests:

A well-written introduction will manage to light the curiosity in the minds of its readers. Without this curiosity, your readers might not want to delve deeper into your article. The more exciting your introduction is, the better the audience response will be. 

  • Establish a connection between yourself and the readers: 

Your readers will not be interested in reading about a topic they cannot relate to. The introduction will grasp your reader’s attention by forming a personal connection without which the reader might not feel the need to read the whole article!

The next time you sit to write an article, make sure to give as much time and thought to the introduction as you generally give to the body of your write-up. 

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