It has become much easier to reach out to people for content writing opportunities and socialisation in today’s digital age. Unlike the previous era of having to physically go and talk to people or hand out brochures and pamphlets on the pavements, LinkedIn is one such platform that has made everyone’s lives much easier. Working since 2003, this online service provider company is popularly used by over 300+ million active users for networking professionally and growing their career opportunities.

For those who are new on LinkedIn, how can you grow your content writing business? Below are a few factors that you must keep in mind.

Your profile

Your LinkedIn page is more than any social media profile: it’s your portfolio/CV, your graphic identity, and the basis for your prospect’s decision to hire or reject you. So, just as you would optimise your website to rank higher on Google, you should improve your LinkedIn profile to stand out. Focus on putting a decent profile picture with an impressive self-description, add your unique selling points, and be genuine in any information you provide.

Your connections

Engaging with different audiences offers its advantages. Connecting with other freelance writers, for example, allows you to benefit from their experiences. In addition, you get a sense of the kind of content companies post and the techniques they employ to attract clients. But on the other hand, interacting with prospective clients brings up plenty of new possibilities.

Your posts

Sharing content is not the same as posting good and thought-provoking content. People on LinkedIn want to see content they can relate to and be motivated by. Sharing your greatest work on LinkedIn boosts your chances of being recruited by potential clients since it shows how good you are at your profession.

As clients seek consistent, talented, and hardworking writers, generating and posting relevant pieces on LinkedIn on a regular basis will help you promote yourself as an expert and demonstrate that you can produce such high-quality material. Also, if your work continuously receives high interaction, there’s a significant chance your piece may be included on LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform, which will increase your credibility.

Your engagement

Engagement is critical to your LinkedIn growth. The more you interact with others, the more probable it is that they will interact with you, whether through your content or in your direct messages.

Furthermore, the more actively you participate with other people’s posts, the more your name appears in people’s feeds, resulting in your profile gaining more attention. When you comment carefully and consistently, you position yourself as an expert.


For content writers, too, LinkedIn has proved to be a boon. Those on this platform have realised that you can also present yourself as a successful freelance content writer and gain more clients for your portfolio through proper connections and pitching.

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