Freelancing is an overwhelming platform, and being introduced to this platform can get confusing at first. Many a time, people give up even before they get a start when they realize that freelance content writing takes a lot of effort.

We all need a push of motivation or a few words of encouragement. So, if you feel yourself at the edge of a cliff, get that motivation by reading journeys of successful freelance content writers. You never know, along with the needed encouragement, you can also pick up on vital tips.

1. AbdulGaniy Shehu

Starting his freelance writing journey from a young age, right after his university, AbdulGaniy Shehu was dubious at first regarding his choice. Between entrepreneurship and writing, he chose his forte and signed up with popular publishing homes.

To advise his juniors, he believes in putting in one’s 100%. Although freelancing is a flexible job, he believes that time management and hard work are a must in this industry to achieve an impressive reputation.

2. Nicolas Cole

Cole began his profession in the advertisement industry but soon realized the true potential of freelance content writing in 2016. That year was the turning point for his life, as he decided to give it the first chance. Initially, it was challenging to pay bills, but with the exposure and experience, his payments doubled in a short time.

Cole is an excellent example of how a content writer must adapt to different situations and not feel bad for elevating your writing prices when required.

3. Mukti Masih

Mukti Masih started her writing journey as a journalist in The Times of India for three years, and this has accumulated into more than fourteen years as a freelance writer. What is special is about her writing is that she has perfectly grasped the technique of balancing emotions with facts in her writings.

4. Samarpita Mukherjee Sharma

To those who feel that you cannot change streams into content writing, Samarpita Mukherjee Sharma is the ideal example. She studied Economics until her postgraduation but changed paths towards Mass Communication and Journalism. In 2010, she became a full-time freelance content writer and had worked with a genre of industries. She is a multi-tasker and has currently been working on opening her writing start-up.

5. Rick H.

Rick began his freelance journey intimidated by all professionals around him, but this did not stop him. Once he understood his strengths and weaknesses, he began to focus on them. He understood the vast capacity of freelancing and its global demand. Despite heavy competition and the initial backlash from his family, his portfolio improved, and so did his rank over time.

If you are hesitant to join this umbrella of freelance content writing, then you are missing out on a golden opportunity. Brush yourself and your skills, and conquer ahead.

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