Freelancing life can be quite relaxing. You get to select projects as per your niche and convenience. There is no 9-5 routine to follow. Rather you are free to create your customised work hours. Work and travelling can be done simultaneously. You actually get to enjoy life all the while minting money through freelance content writing.


You can be a freelance content writer and still not be able to enjoy all the dreamy stuff mentioned above. In the absence of a system, the life of a freelance writer can be a total mess. You will always run short of time and won’t be able to tick off everything from your to-do list. There will be months when you are overburdened with content projects. And then there will be dry months as well when you will be literally looking for work opportunities.

Does this ring a bell in the corner of your mind? Are you too facing these issues? Then you are in dire need of a full-fledged system for your freelance content writing business.

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Why is it necessary to have a proper business plan for every freelance content writer?

“But I am a freelancer, what am I supposed to do with a plan?”

If this sounds like you, then know that you are committing the biggest crime of your life. Being a freelance content writer means that you are out on an entrepreneurial journey. There is no boss or HR to stand on your head and scream at you. But this does not lessen your responsibilities. You will be managing everything single-handedly: Cold pitching, sales calls, discovery calls, content writing, proofreading, editing, self-branding, managing finances and so on. Do you really feel that you can manage all these without having a full-proof system in place?

Time is precious and limited. You must utilise the available time judiciously, with detailed planning. Only then you will be able to run your freelance content writing business seamlessly. Your life is not just about work. You need to be able to run your business and simultaneously take care of your mental and physical health and enjoy your social life. And all these are only possible when you create a business plan for your freelance content writing service.

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Tips on systematising your freelance content writing business

  • Create smart and realistic business goals with a specific deadline

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You must create specific, achievable and realistic goals for your freelance content writing business. Until and unless you have targets to achieve, you will not make any progress in your work. Hence, it is important that you set smart goals and work towards accomplishing them.

  • Enlist your services

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Be sure about all services you can offer to your clients. Suppose you are a freelance content writer who has knowledge of graphic designing as well. So, the services that you can offer to your clients will be – content writing, editing, content repurposing, rewriting, social media copies + posts, content writing + creatives and so on. Stage your services and work towards excelling in each one of them.

  • Conduct a detailed market analysis

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Only after conducting market analysis you will be in a position to cater to the needs of your clients in a better way. Also, market analysis helps you to understand the gap between your and your rivals’ services. You can tweak your services and expertise accordingly and market yourself like a pro.

  • Build a system for client acquisition

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Select 2-3 platforms for client acquisition. For content writers, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and cold pitching work like magic. Develop a system of client acquisition for at least two of the platforms. Keep the process of client onboarding as well as invoice clearance seamless. This will ensure that you retain your clients for a longer duration.

  • Create a financial management system

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Download a finance management app or software and track your expenses and revenue on the same. Also, set out a part of your budget for emergency funds, investment and upskilling purposes. Learn about the taxation system and start filing your income tax returns.

  • Fix your work hours

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Having fixed work hours is an integral part of any full-fledged business plan. If you can be disciplined for your boss, why can’t you be consistent and disciplined for your own business?

In a nutshell

Having a full-proof plan enables you to streamline your freelance business. Your efforts will bring forth better results. You will be amazed to see that your productivity rises manifolds, thereby bringing in enhanced ROIs. Try these tips to simplify your freelance content writing work process.

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