Side-hustle is the new normal for today’s youth. The term merely refers to making a few extra bucks apart from your primary job. However, side-husting has become a way of life for many. Those “few extra bucks” have significantly improved and enhanced the lifestyle of so many students, homemakers as well as professionals. And that’s why an increasing number of individuals, especially the youth, are showing an inclination toward various side-hustling options. Freelance content writing is one of these.

Before we proceed with the benefits of freelance content writing as the ultimate side-hustle option, let us first understand why side-hustling is necessary at all!

Why should you side-hustle?

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Irrespective of the fact of who you are, you must embrace the idea of side-hustle if you wish to survive the hefty expenses of this materialistic world. Below mentioned are the various reasons that will inspire you to side-hustle if you are not already working on it!

  • The extra money can be used to pay off your debts

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Paying off debts can be quite strenuous experience. If you feel that your monthly salary is not sufficient to pay off your debts, then side-hustling can be your rescuer.

  • Having multiple sources of income leads to financial stability

It took us a pandemic to understand that not just human health but companies, businesses and brands too are extremely fragile. Your business may shut down due to a lack of funds. Your company can fire you from the job. But side-hustling can keep you financially secure and stable.

  • One can start investing at a younger age

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The surplus income can be used to attain financial goals. You can easily set out some amount as emergency funds. Also, you can plan your investments and start building wealth at a younger age.

  • Side-hustling can soon turn into your dream job

For those who are unhappy with their present jobs, side-hustling can prove to be a hidden bliss. If you work with ultimate dedication, then you can expand your side-hustling career and commence on your entrepreneurial journey gradually.

Freelance content writing – the best side-hustle option for you!

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If you have a way with the words, then maybe you should try your luck in professional content writing. Bill Gates was right when he declared content as the king. Every single thing that you see or consume online is content – from social media ads and blogs to product descriptions and newsletters by your favourite brands. And if you can play with words and contribute towards content creation, then this can be your ultimate side hustle career option.


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You can start your own blog and share your personal stories, experiences and learning with your audience. With increased readership, you will start generating revenue. Or, you can connect with blogs that actually pay you for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

Working with direct clients

You can start building your personal brand on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Also, it will be great if you build your portfolio. Once you are ready with these, start pitching directly to prospects, and you can bag some high-ticket gigs.

Working with digital marketing agencies

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Digital marketing agencies offer overall marketing services to businesses and companies in the form of search engine optimisation, social media management, pay per click, content marketing and so on. And hence they are in constant search of professional content writers who can handle bulk content projects. Connect with such agencies to get exposure to different niches as well as mint some easy money.

Wring for e-magazines

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Writing for e-magazines can fetch you some handsome money. Search for the top e-magazines and pitch your best works. Just do not forget to follow the submission guidelines.

In a nutshell

If you have been looking for an apt side-hustling option, then take it as a sign. If you are reading this blog, then know that the universe is calling you to take the plunge as a freelance content writer. Know that hard work, when mixed with smart work, never goes unnoticed.

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