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Not so long ago, memes were just a means of spreading laughter and joy. But with the passage of time, brands started converting these witty images into a form of marketing. With it, consumers embraced this completely new era of marketing tactics with open arms.

Meme Marketing Strategy Made Easy To Grow Your Brand

Fast forward to the present day!

Memes have become an integral part of marketing campaigns for different renowned brands like Zomato, Swiggy, Amul Butter, Spotify and so on. Social media users are actually loving these funny, sarcastic, humorous and witty images. For the first time in history, marketing has seemed so effortless (and not salesy!) to the consumers.

On average, about 41% of  Millennials and 54% of Gen-Z users are fond of memes. The major reason behind the insane popularity of memes is the emotion that they are trying to convey. Also, memes can be shared easily, thereby spreading the message of the brands like a forest fire! All those brands which have a young target audience are now increasingly relying on meme marketing.

⌬ Meme Marketing: The Next Revolution in Marketing Strategy? 🤔

So, who can create memes?

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Meme generation is super easy. Anyone with a creative bent of mind, who can get witty with words and keeps in close touch with the global culture can create memes. Companies are now hiring graphic designers who can think out of the box and have the ability to design impactful memes.

Even professional content writers, content strategists and social media managers too are joining the bandwagon. There has been a rapid rise in the number of free and paid meme generation and meme marketing courses on online platforms like Udemy, Coursera, HubSpot and so on.

And young professionals are not in the mood to miss out on the slightest opportunity to stay upgraded when it comes to meme marketing.

Are you planning to incorporate meme-marketing in your profession? Try these full-proof tips and tricks!

If you are a freelance content writer, social media manager or a digital marketing expert who is trying hard to create a brand on social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, then meme marketing can literally escalate your self-branding game.

Follow these hacks and slay as a meme marketer!

Meme Marketing - A Serious Business | Meme Marketing in 2021

  • Follow top meme creators and influencers to stay updated about what’s going around

It is not literally possible to keep a tab on what’s going on around the globe. There is too much content available out there, and consuming all is almost next to impossible. So, if you do not wish to miss out on any latest meme opportunity, then it is better to keep an eye on the socials of top influencers and meme experts. Meme marketing has always been about taking inspiration. So, once you come to know about some viral memes, you can easily use them in your own social media campaigns.

But do not forget to give a personal touch to the meme. No one cares for a copied meme. Meme marketing succeeds only when a brand successfully uses a specific meme to convey its own message without sounding pushy.

  • Understand your target audience and create memes accordingly

Reasons For Rising of Meme Marketing in India

No matter how funny your memes are, if they do not appeal to your target audience, you will not get the desired engagement and conversions. For instance, food delivery giant Zomato has been literally slaying when it comes to meme marketing. They have a terrific team of social media managers, meme experts, graphic designers and copywriters who together hop onto any trending meme and sort of make it their own. From AP Dhillon memes to Tiger Shroff memes, Zomato never misses a chance to market its services using memes. They seamlessly relate all these memes to food. Even #RanAlia wedding memes helped Zomato in social media marketing.

So, the idea is to choose memes that you can subtly use to market your services to your target audience.

  • “Hit the iron when it’s hot!”

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Do not use an outdated meme. The quicker you hop onto a trending meme, the better will be the quality of traffic that you get on your social media platforms. Your audience will love to see how you are leveraging the latest viral memes.

  • Always use simple texts with the meme design

Memes are meant to make people laugh. Do not complicate them using nerdy theories, fancy fonts, complex sentences and messy designs. Keep them simple, short, crisp and humorous.

Wrapping up

Meme marketing is definitely here to stay for long. And if you are running any kind of business which has youth as its target audience, then you must start using this marketing tactic without any delay. Try these tips next time to make your meme game better.

Happy meme-ing!

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