Blogging has grown to become an integral part of today’s time. While some do it as part of their digital marketing strategy, others do it as part of their hobby. Overall, what blogging does is provides you with many opportunities to learn and earn something. If you are someone who is dubious on starting a personal blog, below are five reasons why you should go ahead with it.

You prove to be inspirational to many

Not everyone owns the ability to inspire people, or the art of fluent writing. But when these two are meshed with each other to create something beautiful, you are guaranteed to gain a fan following in a short period. Through your words, you may change someone’s outlook on life, their habits and behaviour, turn their day into being more productive, and even raise awareness for a healthy cause. If you have the two top qualities to become a blogger, wait no longer.

You want to make blogging your career

Let’s imagine that you started blogging as part of your hobby, but now you have realised its potential. Writing consistently in a particular niche has made you a master of it, and now you wish to pursue it as a full-time career job. If you wish to impart the knowledge that you have a strong authority over, and blogging is one of your top choices, you must go for it.

You wish to be more vocal

Although blogging is greatly used by extroverts as a platform to voice themselves, it is also a highly popular platform for almost all introverts keen in this line of writing. This is a platform that allows your words to speak louder for the people at the back to hear, pushing your fears aside. You could even be more vocal about issues that are sensitive for you and difficult to address without the pressure of being misjudged by anyone. If words are your strength, you must use it as form of a blog.

You want to increase your social community

Blogging is an assured platform to help you improve and increase your social community because it exposes you to a wide range of people- those acquainted to blogging, and those who are not acquainted to blogging. You could socialise with people opinionated similarly with you, and even help rookie bloggers in this industry.

You want to turn your blogging skill into monetary gain

Although blogging is not an easy route to take if you want to earn substantial amounts of money, it can be possible. This may take years of whetting your skills yet in the end you might see the results that you are longing for. Nothing ever comes easily, but neither is it impossible to achieve it.


All you need is a little push and faith in yourself to start anything. Who knows, you could be named as the top blogger of the year!

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